Dear Stephen,

While on an 11 mile hike I slipped and fell on my knees. After a lapse of two weeks without treatment I managed to see my G.P. who said nothing was broken but he referred me to a Physiotherapist who diagnosed a twisted knee, torn capillary veins and a damaged ligament. There was signs of blood under the knee cap plus tissue damage. After treatment from the Physiotherapist the knee pain was still acute with spasms, swelling and continual aching.

I had three Psychic Surgery sessions with you, the first produced a tingling feeling within the leg plus a pricking sensation across the knee, the leg ached slightly after that but there was no acute pain.

The second session felt quite similar, but afterwards there was no pain at all between treatments.

The third treatment was totally relaxing with the sensation of heat passing through my body. There was no pain or aching and two days later I did a five mile hike. The knee held up wonderfully and I felt no pain at all. I have since felt no aches or pains in any knee joint and am leading a normal life again.

Thank you,

Wendy Lutterlock