I learned about Steve through a friend of mine who had received healing and known Steve for a few years. I had always been interested in spiritual healing and psychic surgery.

Earlier in the year I had injured my neck, I thought it was just a “crick” and would clear up by itself. I took anti-inflammatory tablets and tried to rest. Over the next few months I had repeated attacks of the same type of injury which resulted in limited movement and various types of pain ranging from sharp shooting pains down my spine and neck, to a dull constant ache. I consulted a private physiotherapist who treated me through an attack but the pain was still a problem.

On holiday in July 03 whilst swimming I managed to hurt my neck again. As soon as I returned home I consulted Steve and an NHS physiotherapist. The pysio thought I had injured my “facet” joint and gave me some exercises to do at home. In clinic she manipulated the joint, which was painful. Afterward I felt the stiffness and pain was worse for a time.

I saw Steve twice over a three-week period. He asked me questions about what had happened and what sort of pain I was experiencing then he performed phsycic surgery and healing. After the first time I didn’t really feel much difference if I’m honest but at least the treatment didn’t cause the pain to worsen.

The next time I was treated by Steve I thought I could actually feel the pain leave my body. As strange as that seems I felt waves of the pain moving first to just behind my ear where the skin became warm and then to the top of my head. After this treatment I could not believe that the pain had gone, it was suddenly gone, and I felt that I couldn’t take the smile off my face.

Nicola Beere