This letter was written a week or so after the healing session.


Dear Stephen,

I just wanted to write to you and thank you for the distant healing you performed on me over the phone and to let you know what I experienced before, during and after the healing. I was in a very bad car crash, one I was lucky to limp away from. My injuries weren't that severe considering the crash i was involved in, but the pain in my back, hips,knee and foot was excruciating to the point were I was almost totally immobile and could just barely get around with crutches. Going up and down stairs was impossible so I had to sleep in my living room. The left side of my body had most of the damage due to my back injury and i was slipping into depression as I was so active before.
My hips were knocked out of line, tendons damaged and bones cracked in my right foot, hand and so much muscle damage in my back I wouldn't know where to begin telling you.
When you offered to do distant healing, I wasn't sure how this could help me. I was already getting the best care money could buy and was taking the strongest painkillers there were, but I was willing to try anything as my life had stopped, I wasn't sleeping and the pain was unbearable.

During the phone call with you when you were doing the healing, your voice totally mesmerized me and I found myself being totally focused and solely on what you were saying. I was so relaxed it was almost trance like, it was the most amazing feeling. During the healing I had several hot and cold sensations and strange colors drifted into my mind. You told me not to question anything and just go with it which is what I did.

After the phone call ended I was still so relaxed it took some time to 'come round' and the first thing I remember was the lovely warm feeling traveling through my spine, like very warm liquid was running through it and my body felt supple and not taught anymore. The next thing was my knee, I could bend it slightly without yelping in pain and that night I had the best nights sleep for a while.

I have a scan and an x-ray showing that with my injuries I should be using crutches and I should still be on high dose pain killers. Medically I should not be able to do the things that I do now.
My physiotherapist is amazed I am bending my knee without any pain and that I am walking on my foot, my hips are still slightly out of line but are nearly back to their normal position and the pain is far less. I can raise my hands above my head, I couldn't even get them to chest level before the healing session. Medical evidence shows I should not be able to do any of this, it should be an impossibility.
An assessment I had before your healing session showed it would take a minimum of 18 months for my injuries to show improvement and to get near normal.
Its only been 10 WEEKS!

The fact that I am mobile and pain free so soon after the crash is just medically amazing.

Oh and one more thing that seemed an impossibility - After your healing, I went to have my usual cigarette and it made me feel sick. I have not been able to smoke since. I am not sure but I think it was when you told me to imagine all the toxins coming out of my body, I have not been able to put the poison back in through cigarettes without feeling sick.

Thank you Stephen for what you have done for me. You have no idea how it feels to be able to walk again, something we all take for granted until we cant do it anymore.