My name is Ellie Henderson and I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in December 2000 aged 33 yrs. I followed the advice of an holistic doctor from the world famous Bristol Cancer Help Centre and found myself a Spiritual Healer who could help me with the side effects and all aspects of my Cancer treatment.

I find the experience of receiving healing very enjoyable and relaxing - I have described it to my friends as like having a massage without the physical contact. From a health point of view, I believe that the side effects, caused by my treatment for Cancer, were considerably lessened by the Spiritual healing. For instance, I lost my hair during chemotherapy and had to wear a wig. I asked Steve to work on my hair for several sessions in a row and I could actually feel it growing back while I was lying on the table. I knew it wasn't just my imagination because I lost my eye brows too and during one session there was a very strong tingling sensation in that area and when I looked in the mirror later that day I could see my eyebrows had started to grow back. When I went for Radiotherapy six weeks after finishing chemotherapy my Breast Care Nurse refused to believe that I had lost my hair as I wore no wig and had a good covering of healthy hair all over my head.

This is just one of the many benefits Spiritual Healing as conferred on me. The internal ones are harder to prove but I can say that I am in remission and my doctors cannot detect any signs of cancer in my body. I feel better now than before my diagnosis and I have much more energy and feel optimistic for the future.

Now just six months after my Cancer treatment I am training for a half marathon. I can run for miles and I feel really healthy and I am sure this is partly due to all Steve's hard work on me. I still see Steve every couple of weeks to maintain my health and for relaxation.

Ellie Henderson