This letter is from a nurse who witnessed a healing session on her partner, it is an account of her visual experience and her own words.






On 20-12-07 I observed healing by Steve Houghton.  During this session I became aware of some activity occurring through his practice. 


As he begun at the crown, I sensed there was something different and had a need to closely observe.  At this point I was envisioning a silhouette standing to his right side appearing to be connected to Steve somehow.  I noticed this vision developing, becoming more prominent. However attempting to work out features, unable to do so.  I watched Steve continuing the healing process at the crown and envisaged breath from his mouth and nose.  This seemed to last for approximately five minutes.  During this time I noticed a beam of light from the top of his forehead that was approximately 1 inch in length heading downward in a diagonal direction.  Things continued to transpire as a beam of light came from his hand toward the head of his client. 

When Steve moved position and worked within the region of the heart chakra I observed a mist between his hand and the body.  As he resumed a mass of light appeared on his back and it was at this time I observed many areas around his body showing small flashing lights. 


Catherine Lee.