Dear Stephen,

I am not sure if Steve is aware but I came to see him as one of the worlds biggest sceptics. My name is Anne and until 7yrs ago life was perfect. I was sat at the traffic lights in my car while they were on red. I was due to go on a cruise that weekend and was thinking about what I still had to pack and purchase, my thoughts were interupted by a loud screech of brakes. I looked in the mirror as a petrol tanker shunted me into the middle of the junction and the oncoming path of those coming in the opposite direction. I was taken off to M.R.I. with damage to the base of my spine and my neck out of alignment and my breathing laboured. My whiplash injury was recorded at 8.5, 9 being paralysed and 10 fatal. I was bed ridden for ages and the pain was unbearable. I saw numerous consultants and my physio was Man Utds ex( J.M.). My back did improve but I was told that no more could be done for my neck.

I took pain killers and anti inflammatory pills like they were sweets and often ended up back in hospital with my neck out of alignment, nerves would easily become trapped causing muscles to spasm, vision to become blurred my neck would swell and my head felt like it was going to explode. A friend recommended I see you, I would say that I have seen the top consultants in this field and they couldn't help me so how could you. I had given up hope and learnt to live with it. I was through having my hopes built up only to have them dashed. My friend kept asking me to see you so I finally gave in and agreed, I felt I owed it to him because he cared and after all it couldn't do any harm. I am sorry but I came to see you under duress, I really thought you couldn't help me. The first time I came to see you it blew my mind, its hard to describe what I felt but when I came out I wanted to tell my friend what I felt but I couldn't find the words. My neck improved with each visit. Its been months now since I have had to take any pain killers, and I feel like I am beginning to live again.

You see I don't only have to thank you for improving the quality of my life but for making me open minded as well. The treatment you gave me recently for my tennis elbow has worked it feels much better already. Thanks for everything you have done for me, I owe you all so much. My friend for not giving up on me, you and Dawn for treating me and Tony and Maria for arranging it all for me and their warm hospitality.

Many thanks to you all,

Love and Stuff.

Anne XXX