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The many forms of healing

comes under many different names and forms, in my opinion there is no difference what so ever in any of these they are just techniques or tools to achieve the same goal. Healing is healing and its as simple as that! Take Reiki for example, here in the western world we tend to turn everything into a form of commercialized pyramid selling and in recent years Reiki is a prime example. Reiki is no different than any other healing technique, it is a system of healing that just like any other system of healing taps into a Source of energy and passes it on to the patient. The problem now is, we in the west have turned it into something you can buy or do a weekend course on and become a MASTER. I find this ridiculous, you cannot buy healing ability and no matter how many people draw symbols around you this will not make you a healer, let alone a so called MASTER.

I do think anyone can learn to heal to some degree but also I feel that unless you are born with a natural gift you will never take it to its full potential. Its like playing a piano, we can all learn to play chopsticks with two fingers but very few will make it to concert pianist status. The few who do are born with a natural healing gift and develop it over time to its highest potential.

You will notice that as one form of healing becomes popular, new weird and wonderful ways of healing start to appear and begin to claim to affect people in new and more powerful ways. As I said before "healing is healing" and I believe the energy that healers work with is intelligent and flows into a patient to wherever its needed for what ever reason, on any level of a persons being. There is no need for interference from the healer, the healer should just remain a clear open channel and stay totally detached from any expectations or results. Remember that healing development and spiritual development are processes over many years or life times and cannot be bought or achieved in a weekend course.

I am just using Reiki as an example but there are many more, there is nothing wrong with Reiki and I know some wonderful Reiki healers who do amazing work. But they have developed there gift for many, many years and realize that the Reiki is just a technique to open up there own natural healing gift to its full potential. Its the energy that's amazing not the person channeling it, I feel we need to acknowledge this more instead of chasing Masterships.

Alchemic Healing

Alchemic healing is about helping the channel that you are, become more in tune with what is given. This is far more important than a technique which dictates where you place your hands e.t.c.
Alchemic healing draws upon the symbolic language of Alchemy. Symbols work because they are an interface between the nature of matter and conciousness. You could call them a kind of esoteric mathematics. We are both individual and collective concious beings. The symbolic language is contained in the fabric of all matter and the subtle essence that make up both the individual and collective part of us.
Symbols therefore, act like a key. They unlock the compartments in our mind and allow the pure essence of the soul to shine through. The same is true of ritual. It is not the symbol or the ritual that does the healing, but they are a powerful way of opening access to the Source-essence that is uncorrupted.

Article by D.J. Benor

Benor, D.J. Hands-on help, Nursing Times 1994.

Nurses and doctors are learning to develop their own healing gifts. Doctors are receiving Postgraduate Education Allowance credits for these courses. In the courses and workshops I lead, about 90 percent of doctors and nurses find that they have a measure of healing abilities. Healing is like most other gifts, such as playing the piano. It can be developed with practice. The Doctor-Healer Network provides a forum for doctors, nurses and healers to explore these clinical integrations and the development of their own healing gifts (The Doctor-Healer Network Newsletter).

In my practice of psychotherapy combined with healing I find that each method potentiates the other. The two in combination are more effective than either alone. Spiritual healing may alleviate some of the stresses and anxieties associated with therapy. Psychotherapy may help healees to integrate emotions released during spiritual healing. Nurses, doctors and many complementary therapy practitioners find that healing is a helpful adjunct to their clinical work.

Despite the research evidence and strongly positive clinical experience, it has been difficult for many carers to accept that healing might be an effective intervention. In part this has been due to a self perpetuating vicious circle in publishing articles on healing. Because spiritual healing has been viewed as a "fringe" therapy, until the last few years professional journals have hesitated to publish articles on healing. This has limited the awareness of the efficacy of healing. In part this is due also to skepticism that a simple, gentle, laying-on of hands, combined with a mental healing focus, could produce benefits beyond placebo effects. Even with awareness of the strongly significant research evidence, carers generally remain sceptical until they have observed personally the clinical effects of healing -- either on their patients, their family members, or themselves.

Skeptics reject healing as unpredictable or unreliable. This is no more true than with many other forms of therapy in which the outcome is unpredictable in a given percent of cases. Perhaps as health care professionals observe the work of healers more closely, patterns of illness which are predictively responsive to healing will be identified.
  Some of the hesitation to use spiritual healing is engendered by confusions of terminology. A commonly used term is "faith" healing, implying that faith is required for healing to occur. This is clearly not an absolute requirement, as evidenced by the responses of non-human subjects to healing. "Spiritual" healing is not to be confused with "spiritualist" healing. Some hold the view that healing is, or should be, provided exclusively under the auspices of the clergy. Some religious institutions, in fact, teach that if healing is not given under their exclusive auspices it may be the work of the devil. This ignores reports that healing is given in every known country and society around the world, under every known religion. Spiritual healing often opens people to a personal awareness of the spiritual aspects of their lives.3 In serious or terminal illnesses, especially in the palliative phases of treatment, this is a major contribution of healing to health care (The Doctor-Healer Network Newsletter, No. 4).

Spiritual healing is a multi-faceted treatment
  The lack of a comprehensive and commonly acceptable theory to explain healing has also led clinicians to hesitate in accepting healing. After a decade and a half of study, my own view is that healing is a multi-faceted treatment. It has a definite component of suggestion. People come for healing with the expectation that something will improve. (Often there may be even exaggerated expectations, which may lead to disappointment if proper explanations are not given along with the healing treatments.) The controlled studies, including positive effects on non-human subjects, confirm that healing is more than suggestion.

There is a component of self healing involved. Evidence is growing from the literature on psychoneuroimmunology that people have a vast potential to enhance the functioning of their own immune (Solomon) and cardiovascular (Ornish) systems and more (Goleman). Spiritual healing may activate these self healing processes. There is also a component of biological energy medicine in spiritual healing. Albert Einstein proposed that matter and energy are interchangeable. Modern physics has amply confirmed this theory. Newtonian medicine has been slow to integrate that the body may be considered energy as well as matter. Healers have been saying all along that they are addressing the biological energies of the body. The considerable evidence from spiritual healing research and research on a broad range of complementary therapies supports this claim (Benor, 1994).

A measure of the efficacy of healing is emerging in cost effectiveness studies. Dr Michael Dixon, a GP in Devon, has shown that having a healer in his practice reduced his medications bill and halved the numbers of visits of people with chronic problems which had not responded to conventional therapies (Dixon).
  On the basis of the published evidence, if healing were a medicine, it would be available at your pharmacy.

Published as: Benor, D.J. Hands-on help, Nursing Times, 1994, 90(44), 28-29.
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