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Etheric Surgery

Etheric Surgery
is in fact, always part of Psychic Surgery. The energy of the healer enters the body and is able to heal within at the subtle and physical levels. The patient often feels the healing physically within them. Psychic Surgery is a fascinating and powerful form of healing. Many people know of it through the Psychic Surgeons of the Philippines. It does occur in many parts of the world, although it is a relatively rare phenomenon.

Stephen performing etheric surgery on a patient


The healer appears to enter the body to heal from within, rarely there is bleeding, although no pain is felt and there is no wound afterwards. This type of healing is often very good at removing physical problems such as arthritic inflammation or physical pain and can often have an instant effect. As with any form of healing results cannot be guaranteed, each person responds differently.

Etheric Surgery

Remember Etheric Surgery is just a technique / tool that Stephen has a particular gift for, its really no different from any other form of healing, it just tends to achieve very physical change in certain conditions.