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Stephen Houghton M.N.F.S.H.
Tel: 01942 704 770
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G.P.s Comments

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Stephen Houghton has been well known to me for over five years as a healer. I am aware of his work and have worked with him and have had the opportunity to observe his practice fairly closely.

"I have referred friends to him who have improved objectively and measurably in there condition".

Stephen would never claim that results are guaranteed, as results are simply not predictable. In this way I feel Stephens ethics put him in the category of spiritual healer whom I consider practices safely, in that he doesn't make unsustainable claims.
He follows the code of conduct of the N.F.S.H. which is generally considered a safe and reasonable framework for healers to practice within, and also works alongside the Tareth centre and its wider approach to healing.There are some remarkable and intriguing stories surrounding Stephens practice and I feel currently he is particularly blessed with a healing gift that works at a quite physical level, often creating healthy change in otherwise rather static physical conditions.

Again I could not guarantee to any one individual that Stephen would be able to create the improvement for them individually, but for those who wish to pursue healing as a therapy I would recommend Stephen as someone to consider seeing, as he does not charge a lot and has a lot of common sense in addition to his particular healing gift.

Yours Faithfully,
Dr Denys Greenhow,


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Member of the Doctor Healer Network (DHN)