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Stephen Houghton M.N.F.S.H.
Tel: 01942 704 770
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Distant Healing


Distant healing can be requested from Stephen by e.mail or by phone. Time and space don't play a part in healing so the effects of healing can be felt at vast distances without being in physical contact.

Phone Sessions

Distant healing appointments by phone can be booked by contacting Stephen and then sending a payment by cheque e.t.c. These sessions last about 45 mins and Stephen will ring you back (U.K. land lines only) at the pr-arranged date and time, where he will lead you through a meditation to make a link with you on a subtle energy level. Once he feels he has created a subtle energy link he will then send you healing energy for what ever you may need.

Click here to view a Patients testamonial from a phone session!

There have been instances of patients actually physically seeing him in a room when healing is being sent even though he has been hundreds of miles away at the time, this is just a thought form energy becoming physical and is quite rare. All he asks you to do is contact him with your name, problem, and where you live. Healing will then be sent daily to you at 10pm Greenwich Mean Time and he asks that you contact him back about once every two weeks and let him know of any changes. You don't have to do anything only relax for about 10.00 min's and mentally ask for healing for what ever you need at that time.


Phone healing sessions last approximately 45 mins and there is a charge of £20.00 per session, there is a sliding scale of charges for those who genuinely cant afford to pay the full fee. This needs to be discussed with Stephen at the time of booking.

There is no charge for distant healing, but I ask that you send a donation to support my work if you can afford to. Those who pay for healing appointments allow Stephen to treat those who cant afford to pay or are not working through illness. Healing is sent for any condition and it is important you keep Stephen informed of any changes that occur, if contact isn't kept up Stephen will assume you do not need healing any longer. This will result in you being taken off his healing list.

Please take the time to keep in touch about any healing you request!