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Stephen Houghton M.N.F.S.H.
Tel: 01942 704 770
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Stephen has been working as a Spiritual Healer since 1991, people come to see him from as far away as Australia, South Africa, Holland and Ireland. He has a natural healing gift and has worked with Tareth from the early stages of its development.

He has been interviewed on BBC Radio Lancashire, BBC Radio Merseyside and demonstrated his abilities live on air, with very positive results. He is a fully qualified Martial Arts instructor and holds a Black Belt 1st Dan in traditional Karate as well as studying Kick Boxing and Tae Kwon Do. He holds L.O.C.F. certificates in Anatomy and Physiology.

Stephen is a healer member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers and also holds private insurance for his complimentary therapies, he is also a fully qualified Reiki Master (he hates the term master) in traditional Usui Reiki. In 1990 Stephen had a serious motorcycle crash in which he damaged his spine and nervous system, after this he could not practice martial arts

He found himself very frustrated and angry at the world, he went through a stage of depression and severe pain. Shortly after this he met Tareth, who could see the natural gift within him and encouraged him to develop it to its highest potential.
He has worked closely with Tareth since 1991. Tareth is regarded as one of the worlds most scientifically tested and proven healers. He is also a respected spiritual teacher and travels the world passing on his knowledge to others

"I regard Stephen as one of the best healers I have encountered, the Source has chosen him to help humanity"

Quote by Tareth