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Stephen Houghton M.N.F.S.H.
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Alchemic/Spiritual Healing

Stephen has a natural healing gift that he was born with. He has studied with Tareth for many years and his healing ability has been attuned to the highest level. He helps with love, compassion and a down to earth approach and believes that the energy he works with is of a spiritual nature but has nothing to do with religion or any dogmatic teachings. Healing is about change on either a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level of your being. This has nothing to do with faith, there is no faith required.

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Is belief necessary?

You do not have to believe nor do you have to alter any belief you already have. Healing is given without judgment or condition. All that is asked is that you remain open to the possibility of change in your condition whatever it may be.

What is healing?

Healing is an ancient practice used in every culture. Stephen mainly gives healing by hand contact, but absent healing is also available. He is a spiritual healer channeling the love of the Source, no drugs or manipulation are used. Healing can be given for any illness, or injury as well as for emotional and psychological stress. Although specific ailments are treated, the healing is holistic, enabling all of your natural systems to help you. There are no side effects and healing works alongside any other treatments, whether medical or complimentary.


The many forms of healing
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