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Stephen Houghton M.N.F.S.H.
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Workshop Dates 2013

Here are the details of workshops with Stephen throughout 2013, all workshops are facilitated by Stephen unless otherwise stated and are bookable in advance. Please check for any changes in venue, dates or times before attending. Please bring your own food and drink.
Any enquiries please contact Stephen on 01942 704770 Mobile: 07940 196146 or
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April 2013 onwards

Working with the Manifested Sounds of the Light Body

Experience this wonderful energy and awaken your Light Body.
with Stephen Houghton
When a planet is born, Light beings become a part of its energy and serve to lovingly nurture the life of the planet, but without interfering with the choices made.  When the Earth was born, nine Light beings chose to serve it.  Nine represents time cycles the planet will go through.  We are in the ninth now and although the end of the planet is a long way off, it is a vital time of spiritual awakening. 
These Light beings made a connection with the crystalline nature of the planet and encoded their energy into nine crystals which would be a part of their interaction with humanity. The Crystals are effectively a direct doorway to the highest, Angelic minds. The Grail Crystal our group work with is one of these. Light beings send teachers to help and guide and remind us of the divine light within that transforms everyone who touches it, Tareth is one of these. 

Human Beings eventually become Light Beings.

The sounds you will work with have been with Tareth and his Soul family for lifetimes.  It has been touched by the source teachers of the past and is a wonderful link to help awaken your highest self. 
Through the Grail Crystal these Light Beings can transmit their loving gifts by manifesting the sounds of their presence and their wisdom.
This is a direct transmission to you, from these angels who have cared for the Earth since its birth and a unique opportunity to receive unconditional love, healing and to obtain the certainty that you are never alone and that you are the light.
Stephen will will help you connect to these sounds and help you manifest more of your light body energy.
He will teach you the real Grail processes that empower your divine light to shine out. These techniques can help you to release negative energies from the past and create more peace and harmony in your life.  Your perceptions become clearer and sharper, and new levels of awareness begin to open. You not only empower your spiritual realisation, your creative power grows stronger in daily life, in relationships, in finding your true voice, and you live more fully.

More Details:

Contact Stephen: 01942 704770 or 07940 196146
or email: click here to email stephen


March onwards different cities 2013

The Manifested Sounds of the Planet
Working with Sound Manifested from the Earth by Tareth
A new Era is coming.  The greatest spiritual gifts ever available to humanity are ready to be given.

There is an ancient code of knowledge and wisdom in the Earth. Placed there by the light beings who guide us. It is a message of hope and fulfillment.  
Manifesting the Sound of Earth consciousness is a rare event and this took place at Avebury stone circle in the summer of 2008.
The deep spiritual work done in this workshop will lead to a deeper connection with the planet and its energy of which we are all a part.
Tareth connected to the Source and opened a portal to the Earths Soul and manifested sound through a Standing Stone. . The sounds were recorded and you will be able to hear and work with them in this workshop. Stephen will teach you about the wisdom in the Earth, how to access and use it to expand your connection with the Soul of the Earth and the mind of creation. This is magical work and as well as benefiting your own spiritual journey you will be a part of helping to heal the Earth and manifest a better future. Stephen will teach you how to build a doorway within, using written symbols and invocations. Sound and shapes that go deep into the knowledge encoded within you.
This workshop is a journey into the power of the Now and the new vibration that is the consciousness for the future. Channel the new vibration into your life, healing, guidance and creativity are all expanded.

Ring for more information: 01942 704770
Mobile: 07940 196146 Email: here

Click here to open workshop poster (word doc) that is printable

December 2013

Dispelling the Myth of the Angry God
The most important energy shifts of our time are happening right here and now, whether you are aware of them or not, they will affect everyone and everything. Stephen has played a part in bringing these energies into the physical and subtle energies of the planet. These energies and sounds contain encoded information within them that will re-affirm the true spiritual message at the heart of all religious teachings. Stephen will talk about 2013 and its exciting potential and help to dispel the myth of the ‘Angry God’, the God that judges and punishes you for having free will, that was given to you as a spiritual gift.
In this workshop you will have a chance to work with some of the sounds manifested from sacred sites around the planet that contain these new frequencies of energy, these sounds carry the frequencies of the light body and are encoded with information,
to help raise your own personal spiritual connection with the earths subtle energy in a very powerful and profound way, which in turn will help raise your connection with the spiritual essence of the earth at its soul level.

The workshop will end with a healing circle and everyone present will have the chance to receive some one on one healing from Stephen.

Ring for more information: 01942 704770 Mobile: 07940 196146 Email: here


October onwards 2013

How to Heal Workshop (Level1)

This workshop covers all aspects of healing from some basic techniques to a more advanced approach. I believe healing is a natural gift that we all posses to some degree, its like playing a piano. With some practice we can all learn to play a basic tune like chopsticks, but only those with a natural ability will go on to be a concert pianists.

This workshop is designed to help you explore your own healing connection to the Source and deepen it at what ever level you work. We will look at some simple healing techniques and Stephen will help you learn what works for you, remember healing is healing no matter what name or style is used it is about the energy connection and not the person or technique. We will also cover the subject of protection while healing and try and dispel the scare tactics and myths used by some other development methods.

Ring for more information: 01942 704770 Mobile: 07940 196146 Email: here



These classes are ongoing throughout the year, please ring for details.


Psychic/Spiritual Development Classes
This class is designed to be run over a twelve month period but is sometimes broken down into a set of weekend workshops on request.

Stephen is one of the, U.Ks most experienced Spiritual Healers and Etheric Surgeons; he has been working in this field for 14yrs and has run a successful healing practice in London and is now based in Wigan near Manchester, he has clients from as far affield as South Africa and Australia. He is experienced in running workshops and courses based on the teachings and principles of Tareth. Stephen works closely with Tareth and is involved at the deepest levels of his work; Tareth is one of the worlds most scientifically tested and respected, spiritual teachers and healers .

Course contents
Working with Chakras
Sensing Energies
The Aura
Angelic Beings

This course will be run over three blocks of eight weeks, over a twelve month period. There will be a certificate awarded at the end of the course.

Ring for more information: 01942 704770 Mobile: 07940 196146 Email: here



The Grail Work (Deeper work of the Tareth Centre)
Acceptance by interview only!
Ring or email to arrange an interview

This workshop is completed over a twelve month period in four parts, and leads to acceptance into the Grail work with Tareth in Glastonbury. Which continues at four to five sessions a year and is on going. This work is at the deepest level of the Tareth work.

The Grail, like many truths, has been distorted and hidden to give power to the few. It is time to know how this power has been diverted away and what it really means.  This unifies all teachings and releases the magic within.  In this ongoing workshop Stephen will connect –Atlantis –Angels – Ancient Egypt –Christ and more to show how they are all part of the Grail and are based on one teaching. He will also talk about whether the Grail has physical form.  Stephen will show you how to initiate the first steps of the inner magic.  This will enhance your psychic, spiritual and healing abilities and help all aspects of your life. Whether you are a practitioner or a beginner this will have something for you. He will show you how the hidden wisdom of the past can be safely used to release your gifts.  Stephen will also talk about the way this knowledge has been deliberately hidden and twisted throughout history. This process of development will cover Alchemy and Alchemic initiation processes which are the keys to unlocking your true potential.


Ring for more information: 01942 704770 Mobile: 07940 196146 Email: here